A tradition of excellence.


Over the past 75 years we have seen a lot of changes, trends, fads and revolutions in the meat industry, but at Savenor’s we have always had a simple and straightforward philosophy: find the best tasting meat, honor the animal and the craft by expertly butchering it, and provide the best customer service possible. As our owner Ron Savenor always says, “if it's not good enough to bring home to your mother, then it’s not good enough to sell to our customers." We believe in forging long lasting relationships with customers and working with them to provide top quality meats and advice on how to cook it. From famous customers such as Julia Child and Tony Maws, to aspiring chefs and novice first time cooks who have never roasted a chicken before, we are here to help, learn and collaborate.

Savenor's Cambridge Butcher Shop

At Savenor’s Cambridge we are nose to tail whole animal butchers. This means we buy all of the animal and that every lamb rack we buy comes with shanks, a heart, a liver, a lot of fat. Butchers and Butcher's apprentices learn the craft of whole-animal and primal butchery. They also have a commitment to reducing waste and utilizing trim in creative ways. Their passion and creativity enable us to process pieces into beautiful creations including pate’s, sausages, stocks, deli meats, bacon, and rendered fats. We believe that butchery is more than just slicing meat, but learning about how the animals are raised, slaughtered and broken down. Our full service approach means that we can get any cut that you can dream up.

* Please note that because our nose to tail approach is all about minimizing waste, it is best to call ahead to reserve specific cuts.

Savenor's Boston Butcher & Market

Our Boston store located on the historic Beacon Hill is more than a butcher shop. We have a fresh and full produce selection, local & imported cheese, and a large grocery selection. We are a one stop market providing everything you need from the meat, eggs & dairy to the pasta and sauce for the perfect meal. While we do not currently have the space for whole animal butchery, we receive fresh cuts from our Cambridge butcher shop daily. 

We can order any specific cut you need – please give us a call or speak with a butcher in store about what you're looking for!

Pasture Raised New England Pork from Heritage Grazers 

All of our pork is New England raised. We source Berkshire hogs from Heritage Grazers, in Bridport Vermont. These beautiful pigs are whey fattened with by product from local cheesemakers and have lived their entire lives outside of crates. They are antibiotic free and are never administered growth hormones. Alethea Bahnck, owner and farmer, was unable to routinely source non-GMO feed for her pig, so this year she began growing her own oats, wheat, peas, barley and corn for feed on her farm. Her commitment to the quality of her product is evident in every bite. 

* Available in Cambridge. For Boston, please call ahead for availability

New England Lamb from Superior Farms

We specialize in stocking Domestic Lamb, especially Colorado lamb from Superior Farms. 

Superior is known for their high-quality, pasture grazed, and sustainable products. We appreciate their strong commitment to humanely-raised and handled animals, as well as their employee-owned business model. Lamb farming is a relatively small market in the United States and therefore can be a difficult item to find. We feel that that the flavor is preferable to imported lamb and love that the cuts are slightly larger than Australian or New Zealand breeds. If you haven't tried Domestic lamb, Superior Farms is a wonderfully flavored option to try!

Organic Air Chilled Chicken from Giannone

These chickens are a hubbard-ross variety from Quebec, Canada that are slightly smaller and sweeter than the average chicken. Air chilled processing eliminated the risk of salmonella and also allows the chicken to retain more of its natural juices. The result is a chicken that cooks with crispier skin. 

USDA Prime Beef

Our USDA certified Prime beef represents the highest graded beef on the market. USDA Prime is abundantly marbled and firm in texture. About 2% of all beef graded in the US is prime. Although the animal is not graded based on diet or standard of living, it is essential that cows eats a varied diet and are able to move around in order to achieve a high level of intermuscular marbling.

Dry Aged Beef

Our Dry Aged beef is aged for a minimum of 30 day in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. As the beef ages it develops a crust on the outside that allows the enzymes to breakdown the cell structure resulting in firmer and more flavorful beef. The longer the beef ages, the more it takes on a nutty and grassy flavor. 

* Available in Cambridge. For Boston, please call ahead for availability

Holiday Traditions

Local MA Turkey

Savenor's Turducken

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Available to order in November/December

Available to order in November/December