Low commitment meat snacks to the rescue! I work the Friday evening shift and, not that I consider myself the next Sarah Keonig or anything, but I believe I've caught on to some scheming of our Friday customers…. I've been noticing a bit of trend over the past few weeks. Every evening, starting around five and generally lasting fairly constantly through till our closing time of 7:30, I notice an influx of well-dressed patrons, sometimes with their bike helmets in hand, or their workbags over their shoulder, walk into the store. As I stand behind the register, like an amateur anthropologist at the marketplace, I smile and say hello, as I quietly observe this particular type of customer circle the store, seemingly with no plan yet in mind, looking for a shining light of delicious inspiration.

Allow me a little creative license here, as this is what I imagine to be happening with many of these customers. Let's make someone up for fun - we'll call her Laura. Laura is biking home from her office, still fueled by her three o'clock iced coffee and the excitement of the long awaited end of the workweek. "Ah the Friday evening one!" She thinks to herself. She's pedaling extra hard on this nice sunny Friday, excited to be leaving work behind and transition to the social life of the weekend. She's got a dinner party to go to tonight, and is excited to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal at her friends’ apartment later that evening. Of course her friend insisted that she had things covered, but Laura would hate to show up empty handed. She had checked her phone before leaving the office, and noticed a text message in a group thread of all those attending the dinner, that Marshal and Christine were already bringing wine. That being her usual courtesy, she was now on a frantic mission to find something quick on her way home. Good thing she wandered into Savenor's!

Quickly circling the store her slight anxiety from the few minutes earlier turns into a breath of relief, as she notices all of the fresh homemade offerings in the case and front end of the store. As she walked over to the case, a quirky little sign caught her eye: "Meat Snacks: Low Commitment!" The sign was arranged over a small basket full of individual packaged pre-sliced meats from the deli case. The portions were small, like the sign confirmed, low commitment.

"Perfect! A Charcuterie plate! It'll be a hit!" She rifled through her options, a combination of some of the great deli sausages and homemade deli options ready to go.

“A small portion of thinly sliced salumi, for $1.79. Perfect. Some house made Breseola, a thinly sliced package of specialty cured beef. Looks very interesting, and even better its made in house! That'll be an interesting addition.”

Then she turns to the cheese - so many options!

“Maybe some Manchego? Or that Lake’s Edge Blue cheese? Perfect!”

To round things off she runs over to the other side of the store. In the corner she finds a few loaves of baguettes from Clear Flour Bakery, baked fresh every day. They make a great baguette - perfect to go with her cheese and meat snacks.

About to head to the register, our heroine turns her head and sees the freezer at the other end of the store. She stops for a second, starting longingly at the Gelato Fiasco framed gracefully in the case at eye level. She knew her friend had already had dessert covered with a berry crisp­– but the temptation of that cool creamy treat overtook her. So she decided she’d compromise and get the Madagascar Vanilla.

“That'll be the perfect accompaniment for the crisp, a good gesture, to humbly accent the hard work of her host’s dessert without overshadowing it.” she thinks. Perfect. She'd be a dinner party champion after all!

If you ever find yourself excited and eager to get your weekend started like Laura, and still want to shine, stop by the store. The combinations are endless for an original and impressive charcuterie plate to get everyone's mouth watering, or the perfect summer dessert to finish off a rich meal. Also, if you haven’t already been, check out one of the regular charcuterie and cheese tasting nights that we have been hosting regularly.