Here at Savenor’s, our butchers and chefs have been constantly pushing the concept of whole animal butchery. We bring in whole hogs from Heritage Grazers in Bridport, VT, and the kitchen staff is constantly working out exciting new recipes and uses for every possible piece of the animal that they can dream up. This approach is not merely about economic efficiency – at Savenor’s, we totally respect and appreciate the value of the products we source. The creativity and passion of our chefs and butchers and their respect for all that the animal has to offer, inspires us to utilize every bit that we can in an original and honestly satisfying way. This attitude is responsible for some of Savenor’s most interesting house made offerings, most notably the many house made sausages we offer regularly.

Sausages are a great way for us to use the quality parts of the pig that cannot be butchered into the perfect cuts you see displayed in the front case of the store. The Italian sausage is the perfect gateway into the sausages we offer here, and good reference point if you are looking for something simple. It’s familiar seasonings of fennel, parsley, oregano and a mild hit of allspice, all rounded out with some white wine, will come through perfectly. So however you chose to apply it, whether you want to keep it simple and throw it one the grill and eat it in a roll with peppers and onions like you get on Yawkey Way, or you want to throw them in with Nona’s sauce over some fresh pasta, you’ll guaranteed to be satisfied. The flavor may be familiar, but the quality of the small batch sausages made with our quality pork will make these shine, however you choose to prepare them. But at Savenor’s, we don’t make house made sausages simply to use up the left over bits of pork or lamb from processing cuts. We want our sausages to stand as quality products on their own right. So beyond some of these familiar mainstays like the hot or sweet Italian, or the ever popular breakfast sausages, you will often find some other amazing and original options in the case.

I may be biased, but the Lamb Merquez sausage is my personal favorite. Growing up in an Armenian American household, the flavors I found in the Merquez sausage were instantly familiar to me. I am huge fan of lamb, and here at Savenor’s we have been sourcing some of the highest quality lamb that I have tasted in my life. When I tasted this sausage, I was immediately transported to the Armenian market’s I would drive to on Sunday’s with my mother to stock up on spices or a dozen of fresh lahmahjune. The quality of the lamb makes for an unbeatable texture in this sausage. The classic Merquez profile, from the harissa, garlic, cumin and fennel were all perfectly balanced with the lamb. If you are craving a classic Merquez flavor experience, you will be fully satisfied by this sausage. While many of Savenor’s sausages, like the Italian, Merguez, and breakfast sausage have become mainstays in the case, you’re always likely to find something new sitting beside them. The Chicken Kimchi sausage is one of the more distinctive varieties. The Chicken Kimchi started out as one of these, but has certainly earned its right as more of a mainstay in the case beside the other popular classics. The Chicken Kimchi sausage is the most original and exciting sausage that I have seen pop up in the case so far. It has a chicken base, with added fatback to achieve that perfect sausage fat ratio which is so important for a successful texture. The sausage is flavored with confited lemons, honey, parsley, fatback and of course as the name suggests, house made kimchi. When I tasted this sausage it really took my taste buds for a walk around the block. I was first hit with the sweetness that came from the slowly stewed lemon and honey matched, a kind and familiar complementing flavor to the chicken base to get me going. Then I was hit with the slightly sour, fermented bite from the kimchi that quickly balanced and perfectly rounded out the initial sweetness. At the very end, I got the slight hit from the spices that left me instantly craving the sweetness from a second bite. This sausage was a totally new experience for me, and is definitely worth a try. Whether you’re looking for something familiar, or something completely new, look to the sausage case at Savenor’s and give one of them (or all) a try!