Whole Suckling Pigs and Whole Roasting Pigs

Whole Suckling Pigs and Whole Roasting Pigs

Savenor’s Whole Pigs are guaranteed to be a luscious treat no matter how you cook it. They have been oven roasted, placed on a spit, roasted in a caja china box roasting and even enjoyed at a local luau!

Suckling pig is a delicacy enjoyed year round but is especially popular during holidays, summer barbeques and birthdays. All of our pigs are USDA inspected and will be fresh and fully dressed (cleaned) upon pick up.

Suckling Pig Request: Please allow 30 days lead time if you want a pig smaller than 20lbs.

Whole Pig and Hog Request: Please allow 1 week lead time if you want a whole pig (under 120 lbs) or hog (over 120 lbs).

Suckling pigs weighing less than 20 lbs typically fit into a standard kitchen oven for roasting. The smaller (or younger) the pig is, the less meat you will have. Sometimes suckling pig meat is more gelatinous because of the large amount of collagen present. If you are looking to roast a small pig for presentation we often suggest an additional pork loin or roast to feed your guests. The photo shown is the best way to have your pig lay correctly in your oven. You will need approximately 1.5 lbs of whole suckling pig per person.

Pricing starts at $8.99 per pound for suckling pigs up to 20 lbs.  Pricing starts at $6.99 for roasting pigs over 20 lbs however, all pricing may vary. Base order shown here is $139.80 for a 20-lb suckling pig. Store pickup only.

Please call retail stores to place your order, Call Boston at 617-723-6328 or Cambridge at 617-576-6328.

Any order placed online will need to be confirmed verbally or in person- please leave us your contact phone number. Thank you!