Fresh Goose

Fresh Goose

Goose is an entirely dark meat similar in taste to a succulent duck. Despite having a substantial layer of fat, the meat itself is rather lean. Try this historic and healthful holiday festive meal!

The best part about goose is the lovely fat you will render which can be used to saute delicious potatoes, or in lots of other French or Kosher cooking. Make sure you use a rack, score the skin 1/8″ deep in quite a few places so fat can escape. Stuffing Tip: Rather than bread stuffing which will soak up the fat, stuff your goose with onions, apples, celery or citrus which will bathe in the flavors and add their own.

$11.99 per pound (Average 12-16 pounds).


Please call butchers directly to make sure we have in stock and to confirm current prices!

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Disclaimer: Weights Approximate:
Please note that we will try to be within 1 pound of your requested weight. Geese are sold whole and are not guaranteed to be an exact weight. Orders for in-store pickup will be adjusted to match exact weight of bird.