Pork from Heritage Acres in Pleasant Hope, Missouri

Neuner  Family Farm

Neuner Family Farm



Savenor’s offers pork raised by the small family farms of Heritage Acres, Pleasant Hope, Missouri. Heritage Acres ensures that their pork is humanely cared for, antibiotic free, free of large-scale confinement systems. The animals fed natural grains and have access to fresh air and water.


  • No Antibiotics-Ever
  • No Growth Promotants
  • No Animal By-Products
  • No Irradiation
  • No Pesticides

Whether it’s our humanely cared for hogs, antibiotic-free hogs or organic beef cows and poultry, the folks at Heritage Acres work hard every day to bring you the most wholesome and socially friendly produced products.

Our Commitment

The farmer-owners of Heritage Acres Foods are committed to providing your family with the most wholesome and natural products available. And because we control the production from our farms to your table, you can rest assured you receive superior quality and flavor.

Sustainably Produced

Our animals are raised using traditional production methods, instead of large-scale confinement systems. While our production methods are more labor intensive, they preserve the environment and sustain our natural resources.


Raised with Care

Each of our family farms use humane animal handling practices. Our hogs are fed natural grains, and never receive antibiotics or other unnecessary additives.

Our Breeds

Heirloom Pork Breeds Used: Berkshire, Duroc, Yorkshire, Landrace, Tamworth

Farmers of  Heritage Foods utilize heritage breeds and lines of swine in their compassionately raised production systems. Hogs that produce the pork for the Heritage program never receive antibiotics and are fed a vegetarian diet throughout their lives.
Heirloom animals used in the Heritage Foods program were bred over time to develop traits that made them particularly well-adapted to local environmental conditions. Unlike breeds used in the more industrialized models that are bred to gain weight quickly and yield meat protein with the least amount of feed inputs, our heirloom lines are selected for hardiness, immunity and high meat quality, are generally better adapted to withstand disease and survive in more natural environmental conditions, and their bodies can be better suited to living on pasture or bedded housing. Our heirloom breeds and lines have these unique traits important for sustainable farms.
These livestock breeds and lines also serve as an important genetic resource to be shared among our members. By raising heirloom hogs, our sustainable farmers not only maintain variety within our livestock populations, they also help to preserve valuable traits within the species so that future breeds can endure these conditions.

Processed with Care

All of our products are processed in our own processing facilities. And that means our fresh pork products are simply pork — no added ingredients to enhance flavor or tenderness.